SSD Dedicated Servers

SSD Dedicated Server

SSD servers provide I/O rates and disk access times that are unattainable if compared to traditional SATA HDD's. Your website, databases and other applications hosted on a SSD dedicated server will be never slow since they will enjoy fast performance with virtually no I/O wait times or other disk bottlenecks. SSD's do not have any moving parts and hence are not prone to physical wear and tear (like traditional hard drives) and are much cooler and energy efficient with higher life span.

SSD Server Hardware

  • Intel E3-1230v2/v3 3.3GHz (8 HT Cores)
  • 8-32GB DDR3 ECC RAM
  • 120GB - 960GB Primary SSD
  • Optional 500GB - 4TB Second HDD
  • Optional RAID
  • 5 TB Premium Transit (100 Mbps)
  • IPv6 Available
  • Multiple Locations: Chicago and Denver
  • SSAE16 SOC II Type II Certified DC
  • Rs.16610.94 INR /Month
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Solid State Drive Features

➔ Fastest Sustained Random read/write IOPS
➔ Higher reliability due to no moving parts
➔ Consistent High Read Performance
➔ No file fragmentation issues
➔ Very fast booting / application loading
➔ Silent Operations
➔ Low Power Consumption
➔ Susceptibility to magnetic fields
➔ Resistant to shock and vibration

SSD Servers Are Ideal For

➔ High Performance Websites
➔ Large read intensive databases
➔ Transaction Logs
➔ Frequently Accessed Tables
➔ High concurrent database access
➔ Gaming Applications
➔ Video / Audio Streaming
➔ High Availability Applications

General Features

➔ Self Managed Service Level
➔ Multi-homed Network w/ Redundant high-speed carriers
➔ Redundant power feeds
➔ 24x7 Ping Monitoring
➔ IPv6 Available
➔ Multiple OS Available (CentOS, Windows, Ubuntu, etc.)
➔ SSAE16 SOC II Type II Certified DC


➔ Redundant Power feeds from multiple substations
➔ Mitsubishi 375KVA UPS for conditioned power delivery
➔ Diesel Generator backup in case of power failure
➔ Separate generator for Building life safety systems

Network Features

➔ Fully Redundant Enterprise Class Network
➔ Juniper/Cisco routers/switches
➔ Noction/Intenap FCP Intelligent Routing
➔ High Redundancy and Scalability


➔ 7 air handling units w/ N+1 redundancy
➔ Operating environment at 70 degrees within 45% humidity
➔ Routine air flow analysis with Infrared heat sensing cameras
➔ Local and remote environmental monitoring systems

IP Transit/Connectivity

➔ Direct connectivity to 4 providers
➔ Local peering to 10 providers
➔ TW Telecom, Level(3), Internap, Comcast, Qwest, AT&T
➔ Sprint, Savvis, XO, Global Crossing, UUNET/Verizon Business

Fire Detection and Suppression

➔ Early detection alarm system
➔ Fire detectors installed above and below the raised flooring
➔ Emergency power-off switch in case of fire detection


➔ 24x7 on site security
➔ Access control system for entry
➔ Remotely monitored video surveillance